Riding new performance
Enthusiasm creates future

Ten years of passion,still Love

Motorcycle history has developed 139years in the world. 

The global number of motorcycle riders approaches 800 million

Up to dozens of derivative riding equipment


As a senior motorcycle enthusiast for 20 years

ASMAX Founder Salute and Love

Determined to promote the ecological development of riding ecosystem

Committed to achieving the interconnection of all things through technology

Building a global outdoor sports smart IoT ecosystem

Provide more intelligent and IoT outdoor communication equipment 

for global outdoor enthusiasts


Your first choice in the Generation Z Riding time


New Definition of ASMAX Smart Riding Communication Products


The first smart motorcycle communication equipment with looking listening and recording functions in the world

NO boundary.

NO boundary.

NO restriction.

NO restriction.

NO limited.

NO limited.

NO pause.

NO pause.

No boundary, more freedom

Global intelligent communication equipment brand for outdoor sports

No Boundary More Freedom

Please look forward to

more intelligent sports equipment…